How Tongue Piercings Can Impact Your Oral Health

Tongue piercings can be cool, but they also carry with them a heightened risk of infection and other issues. Here is a quick look at how an oral piercing can affect the overall health of your mouth:

Pauses Your Oral Hygiene Routine

The key to good oral health is maintaining a strict routine that removes plaque and bacteria from around your teeth and gums. Your gums especially need consistent care to keep them strong and supple. The moment you get your lip or tongue pierced, you will instinctively stay away from regular brushing and cleaning because the area hurts too much. This is all the invitation that the germs need to party in your mouth. With the pause in your oral hygiene routine, the chances of you developing a gum disease or cavities increase. 

Increased Risk of Cavities

When an area of your body is cut, the antibodies kick into action to repair the damage. The same holds true with your mouth, but there’s a caveat. Bacteria usually tend to thrive in places that are wet and poorly maintained. An oral piercing may prevent you from cleaning that area while the wound heals. The wet, unhygienic conditions caused as a result promote the bacteria to feast on teeth enamel, causing cavities. By the time the wound around the piercing completely heals, you may be left with a rotten set of teeth. 

Gum Problems Galore

Gum health is a good indicator of your oral health: healthy gums usually translate into healthy teeth. With the increased percentage of bacteria and germs growing in your mouth with an oral piercing, the gums are a prime source of infestation. A number of issues, such as gingivitis, can occur within a week of an oral piercing if basic hygiene is not maintained. Once the gums are affected, the infection can easily spread to the roots of your teeth, causing further damage. This could turn into a long-term issue. 

In Conclusion

Oral piercings are best avoided; however, if you have decided to get one, please consult a dentist first. You will need to work out a plan to keep your gums and teeth safe while the piercing heals. Be sure to keep on top of your dental hygiene routine to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.  

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