Unexpected Ways You Damage Your Teeth

You know eating lots of candy and poor oral hygiene damages teeth. You also realize flossing and dental check-ups are vital. You might not recognize these common, but dangerous ways you put your dental health in peril though.

Hold things between your teeth

How often do you put things in your mouth when your hands are full? Several times a day? Hard objects like keys scrape tooth enamel and cut gums. Your teeth might erode over time too, and you won’t realize they’re damaged until you get toothache or gum problems.

Don’t use your mouth in place of your hands. Put items down rather than use your teeth to grip them. Think twice about getting a tongue piercing also; barbells cause tooth damage.

Slow sugar damage

Sometimes it’s not how much sugar you consume that causes severe enamel erosion and plaque to build, it’s the time sugar’s in contact with your teeth. Sweets you suck and sugary drinks consumed slowly through a straw result in more damage than tons of sweets eaten more quickly followed by teeth cleaning.

For greater oral health, don’t consume sweet foods and drinks gradually. Remember the longer sugar is in contact with your teeth the worse its impact on them.

Bite your nails

Perhaps you worry about the state of your nails or sore skin around your nail beds if you bite them, but the thought you could injure your gums might not occur. Sharp nails tear gums, leaving them open to infection. Plus, bacteria from underneath them can create gum infections.

Grind your teeth

Do you grind your teeth while asleep? Not only is tooth-grinding a sign you suffer from angst, but it also wears down your teeth and causes problems.

A calming exercise like meditation, reading, or a hot bath can relieve stress and make you less likely to adopt a nightly grind.

Crunch hard objects

Your teeth aren’t designed to crunch ice, popcorn kernels, or other hard objects. Even hard biscuits can crack teeth or chip them, particularly when you use your front teeth rather than strong back teeth.

Brush too hard

The idea strenuous tooth-brushing is best for oral hygiene is a myth. Brush too hard and your gums will become like pockets and fill with bacteria. Overzealous brushing may also cause enamel erosion.

Technique is more important than a firm toothbrush if you want healthy teeth and gums. Use a medium bristle toothbrush and flick debris from between teeth and bacteria and food from the surface of your teeth for the best results. You need not scrub. Take care of your teeth. Don’t damage them in the ways mentioned and they will last longer than if you inadvertently abuse them.

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